Brock Lesnar UFC Heavyweight Champion

Brock Lesnar refuses to lose to any opponent that he has faced in the ring. Shane Carwin in UFC 116 came close to presenting a moderate challenge for Brock by taking him down in the 1st round. Brock answered Shane's attacks with a vicious tackle that lead to a submission tap out in Brock's favor. After winning, Brock went on to say he was truly blessed by God, his family, doctors and training team which helped him achieve his victory.

Is Brock Lesnar worthy of UFC Heavy Weight Champion?

There is no question that Brock Lesnar's size alone provides him a significant advantage in the league. In Brock's case, size is only an addition to his already sharpened set of skills. Many say Brock is not a technical fighter, but they often forget he was an All-American Professional Wrestler. I'm not talking about the WWE debut that he did for a while, I mean a true skilled wrestler. Brock Lesnar is an overall beast in the ring, with his combination of size, intelligence, agility and power.

Brock Lesnar has an attitude change

Brock's attitude after winning this past event was not the same as his fight against Frank Mir, in which he dominated. It's almost as if he was coached into re-inventing his ego to become more of a crowd pleaser.

What did Shane Carwin have to say?

Shane Carwin was a warrior to step in the ring and he executed excelently as a warrior in the first round. After that, Shane Carwin was in unknown territory since none of his prior fights lasted past 2 minutes.

Beginning the 2nd round of the right, Brock and Shane exchanged a warrior's smirk. Watching the battle begin between 2 giants of the heavy weight division in UFC was worth pay-per-view.

Shane threw a few more solid punches and jabs before Brock executed his reputable tackle.
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Once Brock put Shane on his back, all Brock had to do was lay his weight on Shane. Brock slowly wore him down and locked in an amazing side arm choke that was perfectly executed.

At the end of the Fight, Shane was asked "How was it getting into the ring with Brock Lesnar?", Shane Carwin replied "He is one tough son of a bitch" then proceeded to say something along the lines of "He's a f**king Beast".

You could tell fear was struck in the heart of Shane Carwin, I don't see a re-match in the near future for Shane and Brock.

What's Next?

Well, there are some more up and coming fighters in the UFC that need a bit more experience before they can get in the ring with Brock Lesnar. Stay tuned to to see what's next on the agenda.